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Vaping? We are Here to Make it More Fun.

The joys of vaping

The mid-2000s saw a surge of a new craze which changed and divided smokers everywhere. Vaping. The seemingly safer option for a nicotine fix than traditional smoking sprung out of nowhere, and quickly became the billion pound industry that it is today thanks to so many making the change in the hope of finally quitting the sticks for good.

What makes vaping so great, and why do former smokers find it so much better? If you speak to anyone who’s moved on to these magical ecigs, chances are they’ll tell you they’ll never go back to old habits.

Although the safety of vaping still seems to be open for discussion, there are plenty of studies out there which will tell you that vaping absolutely is safer than tobacco smoke. A 2012 study on ‘Comparison of the effects of e-cigarette vapor and cigarette smoke on indoor air quality’, for example, concluded that ecigarette emissions have no significant risk of harm to human health compared to the significant risk posed by tobacco smoke.

Maybe the constant uproar of vaping being bad for you comes from the non-smokers who don’t believe in inhaling anything for pleasure, or it could come from the health federations who are frightened of a device which looks suspiciously like something that has caused so many health risks in so many people.

The strongest argument For Vaping

for the question mark over the safety of vaping though, is probably that it’s because it’s all a bit too new for anyone to make a firm conclusion on. Vaping hasn’t been around for long, so there hasn’t been long enough for people to find and prove a conclusive flaw in it.

However, if you ask anyone who smokes ecigs to tell you how they actually feel for making the switch, they will tell you that they feel a hell of a lot better. Less tightness in the chest and not getting out of breath so easily are two of the biggest perks, and quitting without having to fight the urge to hold something between your fingers and lips is an issue those making the switch don’t have to face.

The oral fixation is one which a lot of people struggle with when they’re trying to stop smoking, which is where the rumour around the dreaded weight gain comes from. With vaping, you’re less likely to gain weight because the habit is still being catered to in a way which is less invasive on your health.

Another aspect of the lifestyle change which comes with not smoking is the social side of it. One of the best things about smoking is how sociable is it, from making new friends in the work smoking area to spending evenings in the pub with other smokers without being cast out for not holding a cigarette in your hand. Vaping still gives you that pleasure, as you can puff away with your peers without damaging your health as much as you used to.

If smoking is starting to burn a hole in your pocket as well as in your lungs, making the switch to vaping will bring a lot of joy to your wallet, too. The cost of tobacco and cigarettes has soared over the past few years that it’s a wonder how anyone still puffing on straights still manages to do so without filing for bankruptcy. Vaping is an initial investment which will benefit your bank balance in the long run. Granted, there are some incredibly premium ecigs on the market, but the super deluxe Firefly 2 isn’t your only option.

The best way to find a vape for your budget would be to go into a vaping shop and speak to someone. They can talk you through what you need, how to use it, and how to look after it.

Vape Juice

Switching to vaping gives you full control of how much nicotine you inhale, and allows you to gradually reduce it until you’re a fully-fledged non-smoker once and for all. Every vape juice comes with a certain amount of nicotine in it, which will be assigned to you based on your smoking habits when you first make the move. As time goes on, you can reduce your nicotine to nothing if you manage it, and can vape just for the joy of it.

While we’re on the subject of vape juice, vaping has the added bonus of being customisable to any taste you could possibly desire. No more will you have to choose between your tokes tasting like tobacco or tobacco tinged with menthol. As with the rise of the vaping industry, the selection of vape juice flavours has boomed.

You’ve probably smelt someone’s vape and caught a wiff of fruit in there, well that’ll be the juice. No.1 Ejuice has a massive range of juices, some of which are quite the novelty. You have your typical tobacco and menthol juices which you can stick to if you fear for missing the taste initially, but the world really is your oyster when it comes to experimenting. There are doughnut flavours, flavours which are styled on certain sweets and drinks, and even vape juice flavours which are likened to cereal. Show me a cigarette that gives you that kind of choice!

Vaping has been a huge discussion topic since it’s mainstream arrival, and it will continue to be due to its close association with smoking. However, when you look a bit closer at the joy of vaping you can understand why so many former smokers swear by vaping and wouldn’t look back.

Being a vaper rather than a smoker is better for your health, better for your pockets, and still gives you the social and oral aspect which many struggle with in their attempts to quit. There’s so much choice that you can find an ecig to tickle your tastebuds, you have full control of how you quit, and best of all, you and your clothes don’t carry the smell of smoke all the time.


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