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Be Prepared to Vape! But Be Careful When You Drive.

Be prepared to vape!

Always be Prepared

A fully charged battery means those with the capability to charge their device while on the move, won’t be tempted to do so.

Within Striking Distance

The last thing you want to be doing is rooting around in a bag, trying to crow bar the device out of your pocket or searching for a device that is rolling around on the floor.

The dashboard is not a good idea, even if it has a tray built in, because take one corner a little too quickly or brake a little too heavily and your device will be jettisoned through the air and could be lost for ever.

Choose your Moment

Traffic lights and queues at junctions provide a much better window of opportunity for you to enjoy a puff or two of your favourite flavour.

Avoid Fog

Not to be used by children.

Please consult your doctor before using VIP Electronic Cigarettes products if any of the following apply to you: if you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant or breast feeding; if you have a medical condition, unstable heart condition, severe hypertension or diabetes; if you are allergic/sensitive to nicotine or any of the ingredients; if you are unsure of use/suitability.

VIP electronic cigarettes may be hazardous to health and contain nicotine which is addictive.


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