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Vaping v Smoking. We Show the Pros & Cons in Our New Infographic.

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Switching to Vape? What to Expect in Your First Two Weeks

Making the Switch from Cigarettes If you’ve decided to make the switch from cigarettes to vaping, you’re probably wondering what to expect in the first couple of weeks. For someone who hasn’t tried to vape before, the change can be a huge difference, especially if you’re a seasoned smoker. Changing the habits you’ve formed over […]

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E-Cigarettes – a Cloudy Legal Issue in Canada.

While marketing of tobacco cigarettes is illegal in the sporting sector, the rules for the nascent vaping industry are less clear. There are companies such as Vapz trying to secure a foothold.  Their presence underscores widespread confusion in the sector as it awaits new regulation: Sellers of e-cigarettes, many of them small businesses, are operating […]

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Vaping – The ‘Science’ Bit. Brush up on Your Physics.

How Vaping Works We all know people who are making the switch from cigarettes to vaping.  You have probably been considering making the move yourself which is why you are reading my blog. While there are many good beginner devices out there as well as some high-end style accessories, it’s also a good idea to […]

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