Switching to Vape? What to Expect in Your First Two Weeks

Making the Switch from Cigarettes

If you’ve decided to make the switch from cigarettes to vaping, you’re probably wondering what to expect in the first couple of weeks. For someone who hasn’t tried to vape before, the change can be a huge difference, especially if you’re a seasoned smoker. Changing the habits you’ve formed over years will take adjustment, and it won’t always be easy. The thing to remember though, is that you’ve made the excellent decision to quit the cigs and that you’ll feel a lot better once the first couple of weeks are over!

The changes to your health

One of the main reasons you’ve decided to switch to vaping, is probably for the sake of your health. So, what will you notice in your body after two weeks? Everyone’s experience is different and you may have other side effects to those mentioned here, but there are a few common symptoms a lot of people have after two weeks without traditional smoking.

You may notice a change in your heart rate in the first couple of weeks without a cigarette as the toxins from tobacco make their way out of your body. If you experience pain in your lungs or a tight throat and chest as a result of smoking, chances are this will ease towards the end of week two as well. Without tobacco, you could see your reactions become sharper as the brain fog lifts, and you may even find yourself having a much better night’s sleep from moving to vaping.

The social aspect of vape

Smokers tend to bond in social areas at work, so you may be worried about how your cigarette breaks will turn into something unfulfilling and frustrating for you when you’re vaping. Much like smokers, vapers also tend to gravitate towards each other so your switch could result in new friends, or could convince other smokers to make the move to vaping with you.

You’ll find other people who vape, whether that be in the work smoking area, a vape shop, or online vaping support forums, and you’ll soon have plenty of people to share your experience with. Prepare yourself for becoming obsessed with vape juice flavours, finding out what else you can buy to add to your vaping collection, and to answer questions on how you’re handling the change from interested smokers who are becoming persuaded from watching your journey.

The tobacco cravings

The craving for your traditional nicotine hit isn’t likely to stop immediately. The first few days will be the hardest as you change the way you smoke. If you have a cigarette flavoured vape, it may help you to let go of the tobacco as you’ll still be getting the taste as well as the sensation, but the adjustment will still take some getting used to.

Longing for tobacco differs between vapers. Some people are happy to see the back of it, some people struggle to adjust, and some people use their vape to help them cut down on tobacco initially as they combine the two. No matter which way you approach it, there is no generally correct way, only a right way for you.

Don’t force yourself into one way if you know it won’t work in the long run. However, there are a lot of stories from vapers who have gone cold turkey only to have a cigarette a couple of weeks later and hate it. Going back to tobacco after a couple of weeks usually highlights the terrible toxic taste they give both at the time of smoking and the lingering afterwards, and brings back the chesty phlegm which smokers have become accustomed to.

The logistical differences

When you have a cigarette, you have to take it out of the packet first. If you smoke rolling tobacco, you have to prepare your cigarette with a paper, filter, tobacco, roll, lick, and smoke. With the vape, all you need to do is pick it up, press a button, and puff. Gone are the days of using a lighter or finding an ashtray to stick your stub in.

Although vaping is a lot easier than smoking, the extra elements which come with smoking become part of the overall habit. Losing these parts will make you more aware of the difference between smoking and vaping, and will be another thing that you will have to get used to when making the switch.

With your vape, you will also need to remember to charge it so you’re never caught short with a low battery on your nicotine supplier, and you will need to ensure you’re stocked up on vape juice so that you can still get your hit. Stock up on all of the essentials when you first make your purchase, and get someone to show you how to refill your vape so you know what to expect.

The financial benefits of vape

You may not notice a huge difference to your bank account in the first two weeks of vaping instead of smoking, unless your smoking habit was a big weekly cost. If you were used to smoking straight cigarettes and were going through a few packs a week, then you will certainly see how much you will save weekly.

Use the additional funds in the first two weeks to show the bigger picture. Although it might be a small amount, work out how much you’ll save in a month, six months, and a year. Seeing figures like that will help to keep you focused on sticking to your vape! You could even start thinking about future vape juice flavours you want to treat yourself to with your extra money.

The first two weeks of vaping will be tough if you’re making the move from a lengthy time of being a smoker. The main thing to remember is to keep focused, as once the first two weeks are over the rest will be a lot easier! Your health will start to improve, your finances will start to look bigger, and you’ll still get to keep the social aspect of smoking.

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